Monday, June 15, 2009

Duong ham "hien dai" nhat Ha noi bi lut sau 2 gio mo cua!

Cang` ngay` toi lai ca`ng that vong ve nhung Ky su o VN, dac biet la` trong giao thong cong chinh - cau duong.

Day duoc coi la` duong ham "hien dai" nhat Hanoi de chuan bi cho su kien 1000 nam Thang Long Dong Do Hanoi vay ma` cang` doc bai` viet na`y, toi cang` chan' cho mot cong trinh` cham hon 1 nam trong xay dung ma` van chang ra gi`:

Y' thuc nguoi dan "chan' " da thanh van de roi (Ham dong nghia voi su luon luon thong thoa'ng nhung nguoi nguoi dung lai tru mua!? Vay thi` co tac dung gi` trong viec giai quyet ac tac giao thong. Lai co`n chua ke den nguoi di bo, nguoi ngoi vat ve?o trong ham), chat luong va` kha nang co' the du`ng duoc cua cong trinh co' le co`n la` 1 da^'u ho?i lo*'n '?'

In general, it is unacceptable for such an important project to be delivered with that poorly result. VN is a tropical country so flooding must be one of the most important criteria when designing the whole system in the first place. Where are engineers who have ability to design, model and test the whole design before building this piece of infrastructure. It's a shame to the whole engineering team who delivered this project.
Anyway, good luck with what the Gov offers road users!

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